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    Dark Souls Lore


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    Dark Souls Lore  Empty Dark Souls Lore

    Post by FruitPunchNinja Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:16 am

    I was watching some of epicnamebros lore videos and i started to get some ideas about dark souls lore,mainly doing with Oolacile and Way of the White. Ok first off most of this is based off the assumptions that Darkroot is the ruins of Oolacile.When you look at ruins you usually think,"how did they get that way"? Well i think i have an idea.What if they were destroyed not by demons but war? What if Way of the White(Thorolund) and the Dragon School(Vinheim)were at war?Maybe Oolacile was caught in the middle of this war.Maybe Oolaicile had something they both wanted. It is hard to say which side destroyed Oolacile, but do too a few items i believe that is how it was destroyed. It is still assumptions however.The devine ember being found in the Oolacile ruins shows that Way of the White had Been there,unless it was put there after it was destroyed.The stone knights seem like soldiers built for war and were created using magic and they use a miracle with their swords.These are the items that made me come to this conclusion. Its based a lot on assumptions,but i think its believable that that might be the intention of the creator. This is not really nearly as believable, but what if twop was a miracle developed in Oolacile. Its possible, it says in the descripton that it is a foreign miracle and not created by the Way of the White.It also makes a big deal out of how peaceful its supposed to be( twisted ), and dusk makes a big point of saying how peaceful Oolacile was. Well thats it, random i know. When i think about it even more, its just as likely Seath destroyed Oolacile silly
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    Dark Souls Lore  Empty Re: Dark Souls Lore

    Post by JoeBroski09 Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:32 am

    I believe it was already speculated that TWoP was made in Oolacile. And it does sound pretty plausible that both the way of the white and the vinheim school were both interested in Oolacile, but there's nothing to tie the school to this war other than the enchanted ember. Considering Seeth is all over the Darkroot Garden. Like, ALL OVER, it's more likely he wanted the enchanted ember. And that the divine ember is more connected to Havel since you find his key with the Divine Blacksmith, and that Havel is absolute enemies with Seeth. Plus, you find Havel RIGHT by Darkroot. like, RIGHT THERE.

    So, it's more likely that Seath destroyed Oolacile. That's my speculation, though. Yours was really interesting. I think The Way of the White actually DID have something to do with it, though. I didn't think about them before. Though, I do stick by my Havel theory.

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