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    UPDATE!!! Dark Souls: Unsung (Concept pics)


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    UPDATE!!! Dark Souls: Unsung (Concept pics) - Page 2 Empty Re: UPDATE!!! Dark Souls: Unsung (Concept pics)

    Post by Razielthemanslayer Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:37 am

    ParallelDigital wrote:
    Nybbles wrote:looking pretty good so far … i am looking forward to watching this. is there a way to donate or help out with the project?

    as an amateur photographer, knowing just enough to get into trouble, i have to say that you guys have found some good locations for filming. might i recommend trying to film in the wee hours of the morning to get that early sunrise lighting. it's the best time of day for photography. nice contrasts and color tones that would suit the environment and frame the subject matter pretty well. it's allot cheaper than expensive filters and lighting equipment, as long as you don't mind being awake that early in the morning. only problem is it doesn't last very long, unfortunately.

    here's wishing you luck and good fortune in your endeavors cheers
    Thanks for the compliments! The team appreciates it! As for shooting in the morning, our days usually start at 3-5a.m. Then we have to drive to our locations which could, and usually takes hours. Then we set up, which takes an hour or so, but if there's makeup to be done, there's another 2 hours! haha By the time we actually roll it's too bright. Also, we shoot all day. If we tried to limit it to the early sunrise/sunset lighting, we'd maybe only get a couple takes in and call it a day. Heh, it's something we have to deal with, but we'll do our best to make it the best it can be! UPDATE!!! Dark Souls: Unsung (Concept pics) - Page 2 639795459

    But the colours you have are very consistent, enough to be manipulated with a color Filter in post production, I bet that would be if not easy, not hard and it would pay off!

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