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    Weapon list for Leo Ring

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    Weapon list for Leo Ring - Page 2 Empty Re: Weapon list for Leo Ring

    Post by ublug Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:01 pm

    I updated the wiki list with a bit more info. I also found out that the giant mushrooms in the forest are ideal test subjects, they are fairly slow and has a large counter window, plus their health makes them last multiple atacks. I plan to eventually add all the moves of each weapon that can get the bonus.

    I added small straight sword's jump attack, even the barbed sword gets the bonus for that attack. I forgot to try halberd's running attack, will do later.
    I added some catalysts as well (tin banishment, demon's, tcc), but only the tcc has enough physical damage to actually make it useful. I did not try the Manus Catalyst, since I didn't have it, but I doubt it does thrust damage.
    I also tried dlc sorceries, even the black flame, since dark magic deal some physical damage and many sorceries have thrust properties, but none got any kind of bonus.

    The list is getting pretty large, and will grow even more, so I'm considering moving the detailed info to another page. Maybe make a combined 'Bonus Damge' page with all types of bonus damage (critical, plunge, running, counter)?

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    Weapon list for Leo Ring - Page 2 Empty Re: Weapon list for Leo Ring

    Post by Emergence Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:15 pm

    I like the idea of a separate detailed page that covers all the different types of bonus damage. These are hidden mechanics that many are unsure about, so a dedicated page explaining them would be useful.

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