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    Ultimate Tournament of Lordran *RULES*


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    Ultimate Tournament of Lordran *RULES* Empty Ultimate Tournament of Lordran *RULES*

    Post by LunarFog Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:14 pm

    1.) The character with the most votes wins the battle and proceeds to the next round

    1.)The tournament will take place one battle at a time, each battle lasting a week.

    1a.) Votes cast after the time limit won't be counted

    4.)Decisions should be based on lore, and in-game stats.

    4a.) If the decisions are based in-game stats assume that the characters in question are both level 100 with only equipment that they either use in-game, or are said to have created(for example, Havel doesn't use "Great Magic Barrier" when you fight him, but the description of the spell itself states that he could.

    4b.) Characters are equal in level which means that the only advantages or disadvantages in a fight from an in-game stat-wise viewpoint will come from equipment and spells.

    5.) Assume that all battles are held in the Ruins in the Battle of Stoicism. If you're unfamiliar with the DLC, imagine an arena that has a fair amount of walls to where someone would be able to use the environment to gain a slight advantage

    6.) Assume all characters fight at the peak of their power within the time of the game.(Oscar of Astora is about to die and obviously not at his peak when you talk to him, but assume that he was perfectly able-bodied when he dropped the key to your cell.

    7.) Assume all merchant NPC's that can sell spells are able to use the spells they sell

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