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    WarmaHordes or Infinity?


    Which should I play?

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    WarmaHordes or Infinity? Empty WarmaHordes or Infinity?

    Post by Slarg232 Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:19 pm

    Hey all,

    So in a less frustrating (but more so) than my help thread from last night, I have a question to ask you all; I can't figure out which game to play.

    They are both Table Top games, you buy and paint models, you pay points to figure out your forces, put them on the table, and then roll dice to determine the winner. That is about the end of the similarities, though;

    Infinity: Infinity is a Futuristic Sci-Fi Anime game.

    Lore: Humanity found a wormhole in space, to which the USA poured every resource we had into sending a ship out to gather resources from planets on the other side. We sent two ships out, wormhole closes, we get nothing, go bankrupt, and die out as a country. China rapidly expands, Australia and what's left of the USA/NATO group together to try to stop them. Fast forward ~200 years, all the major countries/religions have their own planets, the USA people are found again, are sitting on a gold mine of resources, but are pissed that they were "forgotten about" and left to die.

    Playtsyle: Infinity focuses on Action and Reaction; if your model moves into my models line of sight, I can have him duck into cover/shoot at you/hack into your armor. If you shoot at me, I can shoot at you. If your model isn't in cover, it's already a casualty. It's about as tactical of a game as you can make; I've heard of people who were deployed and came back who couldn't play it because it reminded them of being in real combat situations.

    The Problem arises: I love playing Mercenary forces, but Infinity's Mercs aren't a playable faction; they have character units, two different factions inside of it (Druze and Kaplan Tactical Services), but neither are Tournament Legal, and in order to make a "True" Merc list you have to take models from up to three different forces. Having said all that, Infinity is about $12 a model if you know where to go, and depending on your force you only need ~4 of them.

    Warmahordes: Warmahordes is a combination of two separate games, Warmachine and Hordes, that can be played with and against each other. Warmachine is Steampunk Robots, Hordes is more trolls/medieval sorts of things.

    Lore: Cygnar, the main faction of Warmahordes, is beset on all sides; Russian Khadors to the north, Trolls from within, Undead Cryx to the east, and the Menoth Crusaders to the west, and other threats arise from time to time. To be honest, the Lore is mostly based around the characters, who go through changes during the lore and come out of it with new abilities/weapons.

    Playstyle: "Play like you've got a pair" is Warmahorde's Motto. Defense is no where near as good as Offense. Also, each force must contain at least one Warcaster/Warlock, and all of them die, you immediately lose the game. Also, GIANT ROBOTS!

    The problem arises: It's super expensive ($40 per Warjack/Warbeast/Unit, $20 per character) and while Mercs are both able to be used by anyone and be a terrifying force in their own right (Due to synergies), the lack of Character Customization in WarmaHordes is crippling.

    Normally, I would just pick whatever everyone in my area is playing, but I'm the only person here, and I am moving to a different place at the end of the summer. Niether of these two games are as popular as Warhammer, Magic: TG, or YugiOh, but both deserve to be looked at by how they play.

    What are your thoughts, Dark Souls?

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