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    Residual Power of the Archtrees


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    Residual Power of the Archtrees Empty Residual Power of the Archtrees

    Post by SadPanda Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:11 am

    Recently, Ash Lake and the Archtrees have been pretty fascinating for me. I've came up with a couple of theories that tie in with them.

    1. Archtrees Are the true Father of Sorcery

    This comes from the item descriptions of the round shields, reading:
    "The giant trees in Lordran are distant offspring of the great stone archtrees. This shield inherits their properties, and the wood greatly reduces magic damage."

    This suggests that the archtrees are capable of certain magical powers. A contradicting argument is the description for the Demon's Great Hammer:
    "Demon weapon built from the stone archtrees. Used by lesser demons at North Undead Asylum.

    This hammer is imbued with no special power."

    Oddly enough, it would seem that even though it is MADE from the archtrees, however posseses no power in terms of magic. But as it is seem, sorcery, in particular, catalysts, are ALWAYS connected with the archtrees. Obviously the wooden catalysts need no explanation, but I feel I need to go more in-depth about the others.

    The mid-range catalysts are all made out of wood, this includes:
    -Sorcerer's Catalyst
    -Beatrice's Catalyst
    -Logan's Catalyst
    -Izalith Catalyst

    The lower tier catalysts are made out of metal alloys. This makes since because rock is formed from sediments from plant life and landscapes, then over time is pressured into metal. These include:
    -Tin Banishment Catalyst
    -Tin Darkmoon Catalyst

    Oddly enough, both of these have high relation to Faith. The Tin Darkmoon Catalyst is wielded by Gwyndolin, so obviously, this one is related to Faith. However, the Tin Banishment Catalysts were wielded by the Sealers, who were adept at healing magic. Healing magic is more so a miracle based thing, so it would be safe to assume that metal has strong ties to Faith.

    The three remaining catalysts are all unique.
    -Tin Crystalization Catalysts

    Crystals are unique in the sense that Seath created them. Seath was adept at sorcery, so obviously crystals have ties with sorceries. Where this fits in, I have no,clue.

    -Manus Catalyst

    This one is pretty normal. It's a wooden catalyst which is adept at casting spells.

    -Demon's Catalyst

    THIS, is where it gets crazy. The Demon's Catalyst is made of rock, and the Demon Firesage casts fire spells. So we now have catalysts that are linked with each of the three magical arts, implying they ALL came from sorcery.

    And all sorcery came from archtrees. So the archtrees contain an untapped energy that could be harnassed. But, I think it's the lake we should wonder about. This ties in with number 2:

    2. Mystical Grasses are Grown with Mystical Water
    From previous information given in Dark Souls II news, there are grasses that can restore magic. Which could be grown in magic water. Therefore, I believe Dark Souls II could take place in the same area as Lordran, but long before or after it was Lordran.

    Feel free to counter any points made, I'd love to go more into this

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    Residual Power of the Archtrees Empty Re: Residual Power of the Archtrees

    Post by WhatDoesThePendantDo? Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:44 am

    In theory the Demon's Catalyst and Izalith Catalyst should both be used as Pyromancy mediums, yet, when in the hands of the player, they cast Sorcery.


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    Residual Power of the Archtrees Empty Re: Residual Power of the Archtrees

    Post by SirArchmage Wed Aug 21, 2013 4:08 am

    The makers of Dark Souls 2 specifically say that the game will be in a different area. So that part is out.

    Though I am not too well adept at finding out lore(even though I figured out by myself quite a few things that many others didn't know) I am a person that believes in "Two is a coincidence, three is a pattern." So far the main thing is that they are all made out wood. And two metal. My main question is, what else would they be made out of? It isn't very strong evidence off that basis, even with the connecting fact of the shield made from the Archtrees that has magic resist.

    Two things going against this as well are the Demon's Hammer(which you expressly pointed out) and the Oolacile catalyst. So, even if what you say is partly true, Archtrees aren't the only things with magical power.
    "Sorcery catalyst of lost land of Oolacile. Formed by enchanted whitebark branches. The whitebark boosts sorcery adjustment, but the sorceries of this lost land are gentle and not affected by intelligence."
    Likewise we must also think that there would obviously be signs of major trade routes between the Archtrees and Vinheim. They likely need to keep hundreds supplied, maybe thousands.

    No idea about the water though, but as seen from the Hydra things can live in it, so who knows.

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    Residual Power of the Archtrees Empty Re: Residual Power of the Archtrees

    Post by CakeThiefPro Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:52 am

    Definately interesting, don't know if this is relevant but Great Magic Barrier is found by the Arch Trees and it says "He despised magic, and made certain to devise means of counteraction." 

    Just a little bonus to the wood preventing magic damage thing possibly.

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    Residual Power of the Archtrees Empty Re: Residual Power of the Archtrees

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