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    How to learn PvP (the hard way)


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    How to learn PvP (the hard way) Empty How to learn PvP (the hard way)

    Post by turgid_fungus Sat Oct 12, 2013 1:36 pm

    I've been playing Dark Souls for a while, and have experienced PvE about every way I can (except a SL1 run-- SL1 characters just aren't very interesting to me).  But I've always been bad at PvP, and scared of invasions.  I started considering every kindle and coop host to have an extra +1 humanity cost, and some days, when I was doing particularly poorly, considered any invasion at all, no matter how fairly matched, to be griefing.

    So I decided to fix this.  

    I set myself up with a challenge run.  I'd make myself a darkwraith going into NG+, and I'd have to have 3 successful invasions in the area before fighting any boss.  I didn't want to worry about having too much gear for the person I was fighting, but I also wanted to keep my level low, to make sure I could find people to invade everywhere.  So I decided to go with a SL60 elemental tank build (no mugenmonkey link 'coz I'm a new member) using a chaos gargoyle's halberd or a lightning claymore.  

    It started out well enough, it took maybe 5 invasions to clear upper burg.  So I entered the parish.  And I got Stuck.  I died.  And died.  And died again.  I think I went through 20 invasions that first day without a single win.  I even managed to hit with the dark hand soul suck a couple times, but not actually win any fights.  I quit, thinking I must be the worst Dark Souls PvPer ever.  Next day, I started up again, lost a couple times, and finally managed a win.  6026 souls.  I decided to look that up to see what soul level that was.  Wait.  SL100!  Jeebus, no wonder I've been losing.  Next win: 12874 souls, SL140!  And I could finally move on with a SL 650 win (Ganking with Solaire at the spawn spot.  Did he really think his Ring of Fog would make me not spot him?) for 685309 souls.

    So far, after that it's been easy.  I've lost 1-2 fights in each area, but not more.  I'm about to enter Sen's fortress, and I'm a little worried I'll have too good equipment for the people I fight.  Every time I've been invaded since, I've been a little surprised: "Wait?  That's all you've got?  I didn't think that would kill you."

    My fear of PvP is conquered.

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