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    I want the DLC! Can anyone sell it to me ?


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    I want the DLC! Can anyone sell it to me ? Empty I want the DLC! Can anyone sell it to me ?

    Post by Carpercen Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:41 pm

    I've been wanting the artorias DLC for my ps3 for a long time and still I cant play it...
    Im from mexico and finally yesterday I ask my mother to let me use her credit card for purchasing the dlc and she agreed...

    Sadly... there are some issues with the PSN here in Mexico... it didnt let me bought it... and its a problem very common for what I could see on other forums... everyones having the same goddamn problem...

    So I failed once again :'c

    But today after work i'll go and see if I can buy a PSN Card... but I guess here in my city no one sells it u_u and plus... there are the same problems with the PSN Cards according to the forums... once you want to add your funds the store doesnt let you... Is says you cant! And I dont want to wast 50 dls... (wich here in mexico the psn card of 50 dls is like the third part I earn in a fortnight ._.)

    So... I was thinking...

    Is there a possibility someone of the user here could helpme with an spare acc and I could pay it? Could I send the money via western union or something like that o.O? is it possible? I really want to play the DLC... but im running out of options...

    Yesterder Zero_1930 said he could have helped me but havent any more spare acc... and Im really thankfull with him for the intention!

    So i tough maybe that way I could have the dlc and I could pay for it D:

    I hope some can help me ._.

    I dont know if this is against the forum rules... I hope it doesnt!

    If not some tell me to erase this xD

    Thanks buds!

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    I want the DLC! Can anyone sell it to me ? Empty Re: I want the DLC! Can anyone sell it to me ?

    Post by Bioraptor Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:20 pm

    I am not sure how someone can give you the DLC,the only way to do this would be to trust someone with your money you send them and they then buy the DLC from Amazon for I belive it to be around 20 pounds.
    Then for you to trust them again to post it to you by mail.
    There is a lot of trust here,personal I would not....but I am just trying to help you think about what your asking......
    Can you not buy this DLC from any web site like Amazon yourself,you do not need to stream it you can get yourself a hard copy.

    Anyhow good luck friend.....but be careful what you do when it comes to giving money and information out over the net to strangers.

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