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    Help with 360 controller support


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    Help with 360 controller support Empty Help with 360 controller support

    Post by Dahtay Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:41 pm

    I have an official Microsoft wired 360 controller that I use for a lot of games that are meant for controllers. It works great with Steam Big-Picture, GFWL, and every other game I've ever used it with... except this disgusting excuse for a port. Is there any quick fix for this? I looked through the forums some, but couldn't find a for-sure answer.

    I've even tried setting it up with XPadder, but the porting is so laughably bad, that it would literally take hours to translate all the buttons from 360 as displayed in-game, to pc controls list, back to 360-buttons on the XPadder. Any help would be appreciated, since if I don't find help here, I essentially just flushed $30.00 down the toilet. Thanks in advance.

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    Help with 360 controller support Empty Re: Help with 360 controller support

    Post by kettpower Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:45 am


    basically your are completely right when calling dks a bad port. i would even say that the pc version is kinda broken the way it is sold. one reason for that are the broken controls, not to mention the lack of support for higher resolutions without "dsfix" - so you find yourself in a situation, where u got to do the all the fixes yourself.

    i dont owe a 360 controller, but i can play the game just fine with my ps3 controller using a little program called "motion in joy". all this program does is to emulate a 360 controller and dark souls works just fine. not sure if that solves your problem, as u already owe a 360 controller, but it may be worth a try. also check this link:

    sorry for not being able to help u any further, but i have no 360 controller for testing here atm....

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